Celtic Pendants

Celtic pendants: We offer a selection of unique Celtic pendants in sterling silver and mammoth tusk. Celtic knot pendants, Triquetra pendants, trinity knot Celtic pendants, Triskele and spiral pendants, Thors hammer, Claddagh pendants, Celtic animal pendants, dragons, Celtic heart shaped pendants, and many more Celtic pendants of all shapes and sizes.

Dragonfly Pendant – Celtic

We present our Dragonfly Pendant with Celtic knots and as you can see the detail is finely crafted and delicate. This Dragonfly pendant is one of our best sellers at Celtic festivals, as it shows much better in person that in photos.

Claddagh Pendant with Triquetra

The Claddagh Pendant with Triquetra is a Claddagh Pendant with a Trinity Knot integrated into the top part of the circle connecting the two hands to the heart.

Tuim Celtic Pendant

This Tuim Celtic Pendant is substantial at over 5 grams. The Tuim knot in this case is a Celtic knot design with four interwoven trinity patterns making up an endless knot.

Celtic Pendant w/ Mystic Fire Topaz

Last one! This designer Celtic pendant features a large radiant Mystic Fire Topaz and African Amethyst in a Tribal-Celtic setting. This one stops people in their tracks at all the shows we do.

Celtic Spirals Pendant

Our Celtic spirals pendant has a traditional Celtic spirals motif in Sterling Silver, on a background of oxidized silver for contrast.

Thors Hammer Pendant

This particular Thors Hammer Pendant has a unique tribal influenced Celtic knot pattern. It adds a bit of contemporary flair to an ancient design.

Claddagh Pendant with Onyx

This Claddagh Pendant with Onyx blends the traditional with the contemporary. The traditional Claddagh at the bottom is joined together by the contemporary Celtic knotwork on both sides, creating a striking Celtic pendant.

Knot Pendant

This Celtic Knot Pendant has an intricate Celtic interlace design within a round silver frame. The Celtic knot pattern is open (see through).

Claddagh Pendant w/ Swans

This Claddagh Pendant with cranes, and green crystal heart is a traditional Irish Claddagh design on the bottom, and a more contemporary style on the top with two cranes in a spiral motif.

Gold & Silver Celtic Pendant w/Gem

Our designer Gold & Silver Celtic Knot pendant has 14K Gold wire meticulously soldered over and under the Sterling Silver circle. Your choice of gem.