Mammoth Tusk Jewelry

The majestic Woolly Mammoths lived during the Pleistocene epoch from 1.6 million years ago to around ten thousand years ago.

They were one of the largest mammals to ever walk the earth, often standing as high as twleve feet tall at the shoulder, similar in size to our present-day Asian elephants. The tusks measured as long as sixteen feet. Over time, glacial deposits buried their giant tusks. Today most of the Woolly Mammoth Tusk material is found in Alaska and Siberia. Mammoth tusk is also known as fossil ivory, and it is legal to import, carve and sell because it is an extinct species.

Our Mammoth Tusk jewelry pieces are all carved by hand. Woolly Mammoth Tusk material is usually very stable, and you can count on your jewelry being around for generations to come with the proper care.

All Mammoth Tusk jewelry comes packaged in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity.


Epona Mammoth Tusk Pendant

The Celtic Horses Mammoth Tusk Pendant (handcarved) depicts 3 horses, interconnected by detailed Celtic knot work.

Mammoth Tusk Celtic Knot

This hand carved Mammoth Tusk Celtic Knot pendant is a traditional Celtic knot pattern.

Mammoth Tusk Celtic Birds

Our unique Hand Carved Mammoth Tusk Celtic Birds Pendant portrays two Celtic birds, with their long necks intertwined. The detailed mammoth tusk carving is mounted in a custom Sterling Silver prong setting, with our own Celtic knot bale.

Mammoth Tusk Rose

Our Hand Carved Mammoth Tusk Rose Pendant is created as a very three dimensional carving. The petals of the rose are approximately 1/4″ from front to back, creating a very sensual, and realistic, mammoth tusk rose.