Tiaras & Circlets

Tiaras, Crowns and Circlets for Weddings and Costume – We design and produce a growing line of exclusive bridal tiaras, wedding tiaras, Celtic tiaras, elvish or elven tiaras, renaissance & medieval tiaras, medieval headdress, and tiaras and circlets for ritual, costume, theatre and just plain fun. (we also offer tiara designs from other producers for the more economy minded)

Also called bridal circlets, or wedding circlets, our head adornment is a perfect addition to your ceremony, ritual or other event.  More Tiaras and Circlets coming soon!

Celtic Heart Tiara | Celtic Tiara

The Celtic Heart Tiara is the perfect Celtic tiara for weddings, hand fastings, vow renewals, and simply to express or attract love. Perfect on a woman, but a bold enough design for a man as well.

Maya’s Garden Tiara

Our exclusive design, the Maia’s Garden tiara (pronounced Maya) is finely detailed with leaves, flourishes and spiral shapes. Maia was the goddess of spring.

Tribal Celtic Tiara | Tribal Celtic Circlet

The Tribal Celtic Tiara is slightly Celtic, with small spirals, but inspired by Tribal art designs. A little bit of a thinner design for those that prefer a circlet with less rise. Perfect as a wedding bridal tiara, or for ritual, faire, festival or costume

Moon Tiara with Onyx | Triple Goddess Circlet

The Triple Goddess Tiara is one of our exclusive designs. Two crescent moons, and a dark phase of the moon, in round Onyx cabochon, rest on top of a Celtic-Nouveau knot design. Perfect as a wedding bridal tiara, or for ritual or costume.

Moon Tiara

The Triple Goddess Moon Tiara is part of our exclusive Tiara collection. Two crescent moons and a full moon Mother of Pearl cabochon, rest on top of a Celtic-Nouveau knot design. Perfect as a wedding bridal tiara, or for ritual or costume.

Elvish Tiara – Elvin Tiara

The Elvish or Elven Tiara is one of our exclusive Tiara designs. Graceful flowing, inter-connecting lines accent the head and face. For Weddings as bridal tiaras, ritual, costume, or faires & festivals.

Renaissance Circlet

Our Renaissance circlet. Graceful, delicate arcs and spirals accentuate your face with this beautiful hand crafted circlet perched on your head.

Green Spirit Tiara

The Green Spirit Tiara has a stylized weave of leaves in the Green Man style. Perfect as a wedding tiara, or for faires, festivals, rituals or costume.